Colbert, Fallon and Conan join forces in joint monologue against Trump

Colbert, Fallon and Conan join forces in joint monologue against Trump

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Late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien teamed up for a joint monologue on Tuesday after President Donald Trump called them out at a rally this week.

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The skit opened with Colbert siting in his office searching for one last Trump joke ahead of his show.

“Hmmm. Got it! It’s surprising Trump is orange, because if you ask me, he is bananas. And done. Great monologue,” Colbert, host of “The Late Show,” said before receiving a video call from Fallon.

“Hey, lowlife!” Fallon said.

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“Hey, lost soul!” Colbert responds, referring to Trump’s anti-late-night tirade in South Carolina, in which he called Colbert a “lowlife” and Fallon a “lost soul.”

“I heard he said we’re all no-talent, lowlife, lost souls,” Fallon said.

“Well, that’s not right,” Colbert replied. “That’s Conan.”

“Donald Trump? The real estate guy who sells steaks? He’s president? Wow! How’s he doing?” O’Brien said, taking the call while shaving. “Oh. Well, guys, give him time.”

After Colbert posted video of the skit on Twitter Tuesday it racked up thousands of retweets and likes.

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